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2015 Full of Heart Nationals - February 21 & 22, 2015

Rules & Regulations

UCDF Competition Rules & Guidelines


All participants must submit a signed medical release/waiver form absolving event facility, UCDF, LP and all UCDF staff and volunteers from liability for any injuries or accidents that may occur.   All programs/schools must sign a UCDF Code of Ethics form, fill out a team registration and team roster form.  All release and registration forms must be mailed to UCDF by the deadline date indicated in the registration packet. 


All star teams must adhere to divisions, levels and safety guidelines set by the USASF.  You may access these divisions, levels & guidelines at 

All College Cheer & Dance teams must adhere to AACCA safety regulations. You may access these regulations at

All High School teams must adhere to the NFHS saftey rules and guidlines.  You may access these regulations at

All participants, coaches, gym owners/directors and spectators must maintain a high level of good sportsmanship. UCDF will not tolerate a sub-standard level of professionalism and unsportsmanlike conduct is grounds for disqualification. Vulgar, suggestive, and or offensive words, movements or music are not permitted and should always be appropriate for family viewing. All teams must be supervised during all UCDF events by a qualified director/coach/advisor


Crossovers will be allowed and we will make every effort to schedule warm-ups accordingly. Upon registering your teams please be sure to identify any cheerleaders competing on two different teams so we can do our best to accommodate you.  UCDF understands the need for gyms to crossover cheerleaders from team to team- we DO NOT charge a crossover fee as each individual participant pays a registration fee.


All teams will be competing on a 54 X 42 Spring Floor. Warm ups will take place on a non-spring cheerleading mat and a spring floor strip will also be offered so all tumbling can be warmed-up properly.


Please bring TWO HIGH-QUALITY copies of your music to the UCDF Event.  CD’s ONLY! No tapes are allowed. UCDF does not use MP3 compact discs.

      In the event a routine is interrupted because of failure of UCDF equipment, facilities, etc., then the participant(s) affected will be permitted to restart the routine from the beginning.

      In the event a routine is interrupted because of failure of the participants' equipment, music or supplies, then the participant(s) may either continue performing or withdraw from the competition. 

One (1) representative of your group/individual will be responsible for running the music during the competition.  This person must remain at the sound area throughout the entire performance.   No additional team members, parents etc. are allowed at the music table. 


All directors, advisors and coaches should have an emergency response plan in the event of an injury. Competition officials reserve the right to stop a performance due to an obvious injury. In the event the competition officials stop a performance due to an obvious injury, that team will have 20 minutes to regroup before performing the routine again from the beginning. That team also has the option to withdraw from the competition.


Suggestive, offensive or vulgar choreography and/or music are inappropriate for family audiences and therefore lack audience appeal.  Routine choreography should be age appropriate and entertaining for all audience members.  Vulgar or suggestive material is defined as any movement or choreography implying something improper or indecent, appearing offensive or sexual in conduct and/or relaying lewd or profane gestures or implications.  Inappropriate choreography affects the judges’ overall impression of the routine.  Please make sure that all choreography is age appropriate.  All costuming and uniforms should be age appropriate and be suitable for family viewing.

Shoes are recommended for dancers but not required.  Wearing only socks is prohibited.  All cheerleaders are required to wear cheer sneakers.

Jewelry is NOT allowed for cheerleaders.  Jewelry as part of a dancers costume IS allowed.

Glitter: Glitter is allowed; however, all loose glitter must be applied with cosmetic glue and all spray glitter is to be sprayed OUTSIDE of the facility (outdoors) for health reasons.


The UCDF scoring system is based on a tenth of a point scale much like gymnastics and figure skating (example 8.5, 8.4, 8.2).  Each judge’s total score will be converted to a ten point scale.  These scores will be added and then averaged.  After the scores are averaged, all point deductions and/.or rule violations will be deducted from the average score to obtain the final score.  In the event of a tie the teams will share the placement. 


Each panel will contain 1 Head Judge, 3 Panel Judges, 1-2 Deduction and Legality Judge..


Penalty judges will be assessing deductions throughout each routine.  For description of penalty deductions, please review the UCDF scoring system