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2015 Full of Heart Nationals - February 21 & 22, 2015

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Kayla Palker Memorial Award

 UCDF - Kayla Palker Memorial Award

UCDF wishes to promote sportsmanship and fair play and it is in that spirit that UCDF awards the Kayla Palker Award in memory of a cheerleader that was taken much too early.  Kayla was a talented cheerleader who always demonstrated “cheer” in all avenues of her life.  In her spirit, UCDF awards a program each year that demonstrates good sportsmanship and fair play throughout their entire program.  UCDF feels this is our most prestigious award.  UCDF attends many local and New England national events and observes programs throughout the current season to base its decision.   This award is presented during one of the award ceremonies at our Pot of Gold Nationals.  The program selected is awarded a plaque and their program name is engraved on the UCDF Kayla Palker Memorial Plaque which is displayed at all of our events. 

2009 Kayla Palker Memorial Award recipient - Premier Spirit Athletics
2008 Kayla Palker Memorial Award recipient - Spirit Central